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Fruit Feeders: Don’t ignore the birds who love fruit!

Many people who set up bird feeders in their wildlife garden don’t pay a lot attention to which species stop by. They’re just happy to have beautiful songbirds or hummingbirds in their private paradise. If you’re trying to attract the widest variety of avian visitors, though, you’ll have to add a special type of feeder […]

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Hopper Feeders: A traditional Favorite

When you were growing up (unless you lived in a city), you probably saw bird feeders in at least a few of the yards in your neighborhood. They looked like big birdhouses (which is why they’re sometimes called “house feeders”) or little barns, and were never short of visitors. Those were hopper feeders – and […]

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Best Ground Feeders for Birds: Taking care of everyone

As you relax in your wildlife garden, it’s enjoyable to sit back and watch all of the songbirds and hummingbirds coming to visit, flying around and eating their fill at the bird feeders you’ve thoughtfully hung throughout the area. The colors are vibrant, the melodies are soothing, and the sight is wonderful. Unfortunately, there are […]

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Hanging Bird Feeders

Most of the bird feeders you will be considering for your wildlife garden will probably be hanging feeders, whether you hang them from poles, trees, wires or structures. There are some songbirds which prefer ground or platform feeders, like robins, sparrows, doves and juncos. Most birds prefer to feed at higher levels, though, so hanging […]

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Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders

One of the most vexing problem anyone with a wildlife garden will face is how to keep squirrels from overrunning their private paradise. Perhaps the biggest issue is denying them access to bird feeders; unfortunately, there’s no easy answer to that problem since squirrels love to eat most of the same things birds do: bird […]

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Best Hummingbird Feeders and Food

Even if you’ve only seen them a few times, you already know that hummingbirds are an absolute delight. Many of them appear to be exotically-colored, and some are. But often the bright reds, greens and oranges we see are an illusion created by the top cells of the birds’ feathers; those cells act like prisms […]

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Suet Feeders

Unless you’re already a bird lover, you probably only know one thing about suet – that is, if you’ve ever heard of it at all. It’s that disgusting-looking stuff that some supermarkets sell in their meat section. In reality, suet is raw beef or mutton fat, and it’s used for cooking (often in British dishes […]

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Best Tube Feeders for Birds

Birds are, by their very nature, picky creatures. They’ll be happy to visit your beautiful garden – but only if you have the types of flowers and plants they favor. They’ll be happy to eat the food you put out for them – but only if the food is what they like to eat, in […]

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